Buy Credits


This page was generated with the betpresspro_buy_credits shortcode.

If you plan to monetise your version of BetPress Pro you’d use this shortcode, and it will give your users the option to choose an amount of credits they want to buy, and by clicking the Buy button they will be redirected to the Stripe checkout page. After successful payment, the credits will automatically be added.

Once your Stripe account is ready to accept payments, the setup is as easy as providing the Stripe keys in the BetPress Pro’s dashboard, and setting up the price for a single credit using your currency.

The Stripe accout is required, and is currently the only payment provider we currently support. We plan to add other payment providers in the future. It’s important to note that Stripe doesn’t support gambling. Which means you must not offer any form of prizes for your users in case you allow them to buy credits. Make sure to specify that fact to the Stripe team when you are setting up your Stripe account. Otherwise, they may suspend your account.