What is BetPress Pro

Sports betting game website anyone can run.

BetPress Pro is a software which targets people who want to run their own sports betting game website. Your users can bet on upcoming sports games, and optionally compete with each other.

All aspects are completely automated, meaning the upcoming games magically appear on your website with sensible odds being automatically applied to each bet option (think Home, Away, and Draw, the last one being applied only to games which can actually end up as a tie). Once the games take place the scores are automatically applied, the bets are automatically resolved, and the leaderboards are automatically updated.

BetPress Pro is extremely easy to setup, requires no coding, and takes less than a few minutes to install. It comes with a dashboard from where you can tweak the settings to fit your needs, change which sports or competitions you want to support, manage leaderboards, see bets history, adjust bettors’ credits, and many more, overall it’s very customisable.

If all that sounded like exactly what you are looking for, then waste no more time and create your own sports betting game website now.